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improvised song and video
composed, performed and published 9/14/16

Nobody Knows How you feel inside
after the rain has dried
and all your shattered life is there
looking like you just don’t care
Nobody sees you like
i see u like i do
Im wondering how to be crazy
wondering how to try any harder for you
maybe we should cry a little baby
cry little baby together
Theres an Eagle cry
So Far high above this world
Theres a dangerous plan
I can hear it
in my dreams
I wont let it happen here

We all know the stakes
and we have
We have nothing to fear but
Fear itself won’t give ever give you anything
until you both survive

You’ve gotta survive on dreams
On dreams
You gotta survive on Love
You gotta survive on happiness
I Want to be with you

Endless as the sun
I wanna be with you
Endless as the sun