Audio Production

Our Baywood Park Studio is a state of the art mixing suite. Built on a Universal Audio platform. We have killer mics, pres and a wide detailed signal path to make your music as clear and large as the big boys. Our great collection of high end vintage plugins gives us all the crunch and old school veneer we all love.  Our engineer-producer started at Record Plant, Skyline Studios, Hit Factory, Dreamland and has  been working with Pro Tools since 1996

Placement and Booking

We are dedicated to getting our artists placed in the best venues and Licensing opportunities we can find. By collaborating with like minded artists, promoters and booking agencies we strive to connect with our community in meaningful and rewarding ways.

Consciousness Raising

We realize that nothing is more important than love and peace and our work is based upon that fundamental truth. All we do is thanks to the creator and dedicated to making this world a better place for our children children.