Shifting Phases

artwork: "twisted" by Celeste treloar, 18 yrs, Saatchi gallery



My mind goes through so many phases 

--Everchanging, morphing phases 

----One begins as another ends 

--------Hold on before this one slips away! 

----------------tHe desires I pace in pligHt of 

--------------------------------tHe Hopes and Horrorous fears 

----------------------------------------------------------------THey grow SO STRONG but tHen become 

nothing but a memory, 

too far gone to recall. 

Once so real and powerful, 

now, just a phase passed by, 

On its’ way to being forgotten. 


But I mustn’t fail to remember 

the sunsets of the phases. 

For, you shall surely teach me, 

you harbingers of the dawn. 

I must be present and absorb 

the wisdom of the phases. 

Bestowed gently with a kiss of bliss 

upon my aching cheeks, 

blessed to be alive and breathe.


written by Emily Franklin for a poetry assignment in Cuesta's creative writing class

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