Reflections on Scool

an improvised unedited rant about learning music in school / tuesday august 29 12:15pm

artwork: Fathullah Luqman B. Yusuff's Dwi Diri (mixed media on canvas, 2007) 


I'm so excited for school!
I'm gonna learn so much, become a better singer, play music with others...

But I'm not very good at jazz, and I can't sing very well when I'm in this type of environment.

The pressure is so subtle, it's just community college after all

But who are you if you can't play every mode in every key at every speed?!

Or at least be working tirelessly at it 5am til 25pm


I wish singing were enough

It's a cop out - without instrumental skill or perfect pitch handicap, every key is the same

transposition is merely a shift in starting point everything else is a breeze, they say

apparently it's supposed to be this hard - and if we're not in pain and struggle what are we doing?
I want to play music for me and for joy and for love and for life and for everyone to enjoy

I talk to my loved ones and they say jazz is an abomination of sound whos sole intent is to frighten it's listener

patronize her into submission and ignorance - if you can't enjoy me don't even try to comprehend me  - you're an

empty bag of a sheep - no brains - no culture. just go back to your engineering course


take it all with a grain of salt. I love and appreciate you, jazz school <3


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