Emily's Update: February, 2017

Update for Email Subscribers, February 2017


"Hey Email Subscribers!

Just updating you on what's going on with my music since it's been a little while! I was working on a play at Cuesta last semester called The Emma Peel Game (written by Phillip Valle) with excellent director bree valle. That was why I may have been a little absent in the music scene. But I still had music in my life...I got to play the electric guitar player in a punk rock band! The play was inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement and the murder of Mia Zapata (spoiler alert - I got murdered!!)... It was a lot of fun.  

After that I was in an AMAZING concert (kudos to Shawna at Ignite Movement Studio and Korie at Good Medicine Presents). Held January 21st, the concert was called United We Rise and held at the Fremont Theater right after the Women's March! It was truly an empowering day for women (and women in music)! We had around 20 female musicians up on stage for 2 hours playing our hearts out. We even got full piece all-girl bands together within a week! It was an awesome demonstration of woman power on the central coast. Boo Ya! ;) 

Now, I'm taking a semester off from school, planning to travel to Austria (all on my own!), AND take a trip to Austin, Texas to try to make some connections in the music biz. Before we go I hope to have finished my first CD!! (finally)  

At long last, Emily By The Bay will be coming out around the beginning of March so I'll update you all when the release date is known. It's going to be such an exciting few months! 

On top of my own CD being released, I'm starting to collaborate with the amazing Betty Byers! She will be writing a string arrangement of Imagine by John Lennon and I get to sing with it....! I can not wait to release that one for you all. I really think it is going to be something special. That song was so impactful when it was written and I think it means just as much now as it did then. We need this song to be sung right now. 

I just have to say, about our current worldly situation... Amidst the turmoil, I feel the light. Stronger than ever. I have never felt so much compassion and understanding for my fellow strangers on the street. I guess it's really just an overwhelming feeling of togetherness. We really are living in a scary time but it has brought us all, as a human race, closer than ever before. Lean on that light and strength we get from each other and be a pillar of support when your neighbor needs it. We WILL get through the darkness and emerge in a brighter world. It's going to be a really fun year, everybody... hold onto your pants, hug your neighbors, friends, family and your enemies (especially your enemies) and do what you can to make things right. 

With Gratitude and Appreciation, 

Emily Franklin 

P.S. There's been a lot of inspiration lately... original tunes are in the making. I'll be trying to release those to you all as soon as possible."

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