April 15, 202 new release

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Emily Franklin is a central coast based singer songwriter, jazz musician, and blues singer. She plays a range of styles, and makes every cover tune her own. She is inspired by greats like Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Billie Joel, and Sarah Vaughan and so many more. Her tonality is soft and powerful and her performances are lilting, demanding and passionate. Franklin studies jazz piano and vocals at Cuesta College and is the high soprano in Cuesta's vocal jazz ensemble, "VOCE" and the Chamber singers. Franklin has also played piano and sang in several bands within the Cuesta Combo program. She has recorded music in Austin, Texas at Windy Hill Studios with Kyle Crusham (Dixie Chicks), William "B.B." Morse (Willie Nelson Band), and others, as well as at Chris Gage's Moonhouse Records. Franklin also spent a month in Austria writing and recording music with engineer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Gerhard Eisner. Scroll down and click on, "Music," to hear her first album, "Emily by the Bay," including songs she recorded as early as age 15 in her dad's home recording studio.

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